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Halo Infinite Is Adding A Beloved Map From Halo 3

Halo 3's The Pit is coming to Halo Infinite, reimagined as Empyrean.


A big new update for Halo Infinite has arrived, ushering in the long-awaited Custom Game Browser, a number of bug fixes and quality-of-life changes, and, perhaps most exciting of all, a new map. It's not just any map, though, as 343 remade the beloved Halo 3 map The Pit for Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite's version of the map is called Empyrean, and it's described as a "reimagining" of The Pit, featuring "refreshed aesthetics." The layout, however, should look pretty similar to those familiar with Halo 3's The Pit and Halo 4's version, Pitfall.

Halo Infinite's Empyrean obviously won't play exactly the same as before, as the new game features equipment and new traversal mechanics not featured in past Halo titles. Empyrean is available now in regular matchmaking and Custom Games.

Also of note, Halo Infinite finally gets its long-awaited Custom Game Browser, which should help breathe some new life into the game. With the Custom Game Browser, players can seek out all different types of maps and modes made using the Forge tools, like Beer Pong. Check out the video above to see the Browser in action.

The Custom Game Browser wasn't supposed to arrive until 2023 in Season 3, but the studio said it felt it should be a priority and the team moved up its release. 343 is calling it "V1," so players should expect it to have "some rough edges," the developer said.

"But we felt it was more important that we get this in the hands of players sooner rather than later. The CGB will, of course, continue to evolve with support over time," 343 said.

The new update also makes a change to customization that fans have been asking for. With the new update, all existing Armor Cores are now available to everyone, at no extra cost. Additionally, all 10 Cadet Coatings are now added to Armor Cores. Players need only log in to the game to find the Cores and Coatings added to their cosmetic library automatically.

In terms of quality-of-life updates, mouse and keyboard players should see aiming improvement, a walk button, and scroll wheel updates. Players can also now enable a red reticle in the mouse and keyboard setup. 343 has also made some networking improvements to reduce the likelihood of desyncing. What's more, the "melee clang logic" for the energy sword has been updated. Now, if both players wielding the sword have no shields and perform a melee, they will both die.

For more, check out 343's full rundown of what's new Halo Infinite's latest update.

Lastly, 343 thanked fans for their ongoing support of Halo Infinite during what was an up-and-down year. 343 previously described the game's launch as being similar to a runner tripping and falling at the finish line of a race.

"This first year of Halo Infinite has been one of many tough lessons learned, but we are confident that we are turning that corner in 2023 as we look forward to delivering Season 3 and more--more content, more features and options, more weapons, more cosmetics, more updates--on a regular cadence that keeps the Halo hype rolling all year long," 343 said.

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