Halo Infinite Has Lost 98% Of Its Peak Player Count On Steam

Halo Infinite has lost 98% of its player count on Steam, a potential indicator that the high-profile console exclusive is struggling to retain an audience.


Halo Infinite's average daily peak of players on Steam is now around 2% of its all-time record, according to Steamcharts. These two numbers, around 6,000 and 256,000 respectively, demonstrate how Halo Infinite has struggled to maintain an audience on Steam. This observation was first posted on the Steam subreddit, where it was quickly upvoted and reposted online.

Given that Halo is traditionally associated with Xbox, it's important to remember that these numbers are specific to Steam, and not the PC platform in general. Halo Infinite has a separate digital version of PC that isn't tied to Steam, and we don't know the numbers on Xbox either. It's also worth noting that Game Pass users aren't included in these figures. Still, this is an indicator that Halo Infinite isn't retaining players in the way that many successful shooters do, such as Call of Duty, PUBG, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which are all in Steamchart's top 10.

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Halo Infinite has suffered a number of public setbacks since its release, with multiple high-level staff members departing developer 343 Industries this year. The developer recently announced that the game will not have narrative cutscenes in the coming seasons. In a recent interview ahead of its Season 4 release, head of live service Sean Baron said that the developer is focusing on delivering consistent quality within the game from season to season. It's unclear if 343 is working on a sequel to Infinite, but Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty told Axios in June that he's "confident in the leadership team" at the studio.

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