Halo Infinite Has Loot Caves In Big Team Battle Matches, A Reference To Destiny

Loot caves are coming to Halo Infinite and here's how they work.


Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle maps will have "loot caves" that players can enter to score extra-powerful weapons and abilities to get an advantage on the battlefield.

As part of the latest Halo Infinite multiplayer showcase, senior multiplayer designer Fernando Reyes Medina showed off one of these loot caves on the Fragmentation map. Players can use their personal AI to hack the loot cave, and once inside, they'll find powerful weapons and abilities. In the gameplay video, Reyes picks up a Gravity Hammer and an Overshield, but presumably there could be other items in there, too.

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The loot cave--which is only an internal name for the feature--will respawn over time, Medina confirmed. It looks like a neat little sub-objective for Halo Infinite BTB that will require some skill and strategy, too, as players must protect their AI for the time it takes to hack into the cave. Medina said it was designed to bring more powerful weapons into BTB matches to mix things up.

You can see the loot cave in action in the video above. The loot cave section begins at about 4 minutes. The "loot cave" codename in Halo Infinite is presumably a reference to the infamous loot cave from Destiny.

Players will get try out Halo Infinite's BTB mode later this month as part of a beta test, though the schedule could change due to some "late-breaking" issues that 343 discovered in the release process.

Halo Infinite multiplayer represents a big shift for the series, as it's being released as a free-to-play standalone game. Microsoft is embracing a live-service approach, and the progression path is tied exclusively to the battle pass.

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