Halo Infinite Has A Sesame Street Easter Egg

Sesame Street gets a cute little shout-out in Halo Infinite's Streets multiplayer map.


After the early release of Halo Infinite's multiplayer on November 15, players have started to discover easter eggs 343 Industries has hidden throughout the game's many multiplayer maps. One of the latest that has been unearthed is a cute tribute to beloved childrens' TV show Sesame Street, or more specifically its trash can-dwelling character Oscar the Grouch.

The easter egg was spotted by YouTuber xGarbett, who found the Sesame Street homage in the multiplayer Streets map. Down a small alleyway in the urban-themed map are two dumpsters, one with the lid open and the contents visible.

In the video, xGarbett discovers that the in-game ping system tags the location as "Oscar's House," in reference to the Sesame Street character Oscar the Grouch. Notably, the game doesn't tag all trash cans as Oscar's House, with the one next to it simply displaying "Plaza."

Other easter eggs have been unearthed in the game, including one in the Halo Infinite campaign that paid homage to the infamous Craig the Brute. While the original meme was made to poke fun of Halo Infinite's less-than-perfect early visuals, the development team embraced it by creating a fun rockstar narrative about the character.

Players can discover Oscar's House for themselves in Halo Infinite's free multiplayer right now on PC and Xbox consoles, while the game's single-player campaign doesn't launch until December 8.

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