Halo Infinite Features The "Coolest" Looking Master Chief Design Yet, 343 Says

Master Chief's look is changing.


Microsoft isn't ready yet to talk specifics about Halo Infinite, but now one of the developers has offered a tease about what to expect in terms of Master Chief's look.

Halo Infinite's narrative experience director Dan Chosich appeared on the latest 343 Social Stream for a deep-dive on how Infinite's E3 trailer came to be, and one segment of the broadcast was focused on Master Chief's new look.

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At around 53 minutes in this video, Chosich and community manager Brian Jarrard discuss and show off Chief's new look. Chosich says the version of Master Chief 343 created for Halo Infinite is the "coolest" ever, spanning both Bungie and 343 titles.

"It is by far the coolest Master Chief we have ever done, or that anybody's ever really done," Chosich said.

The new Master Chief design took inspiration from his look in Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo 5, but he'll look "a little different" in Infinite, Chosich explained. From what we've seen so far, Master Chief's Halo Infinite design looks pretty similar to his previous appearance, but Chosich teased that his final character model has yet to be revealed.

Skip to 53 minutes in the Mixer video to see the segment on Master Chief's new look. The segment includes a number of close-ups and 360-degree shots of his new helmet.

The entire video is well worth a watch, as it goes into ridiculous depth on how 343 planned and executed on creating the Halo Infinite reveal trailer. Over the course of about an hour, Chosich brings up 114 slides about different parts of the trailer.

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There are other segments dedicated to how 343 designed the Space Rhino, along with some cool behind-the-scenes looks at work-in-progress versions of the trailer. Another slide goes over the "experiential escalation" of the Halo Infinite trailer. The trailer opened in a mysterious fashion, and it was only at the end that it was confirmed that it was for the new Halo game. This was all by design, and the chart above shows what 343 wanted you to think and feel and each stage of the trailer.

What you won't see, however, is any gameplay. The trailer itself was only for the Slipspace Engine, not the game itself. Jarrad said he understands people want to see gameplay, but it's not time yet.

Jarrard also spoke briefly about 343's plan to release Halo Infinite early in "flighting" tests, where people will get to try the game before it's done to give feedback to 343. The studio conducted public testing periods for Halo: The Master Chief Collection's latest updates, and Jarrard said you can expect something similar with Halo Infinite.

There is an intriguing rumour that claims Microsoft is planning to launch the game in two parts--first the single-player in 2019, with multiplayer coming in 2020. Microsoft hasn't made any official announcements regarding release plans, however.

Halo Infinite places more of an emphasis on Master Chief, which is good to hear after Halo 5 controversially strayed away from him. It's also apparently a very big game, as Halo franchise manager Frank O'Connor said the game will have "capacious" missions/levels.

No release date has been announced for Halo Infinite, but it's one of our most anticipated upcoming Xbox One games for sure.

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