Halo Infinite Dev Says It Will Be "More Communicative" In Coming Months

"We want nothing more than to answer your questions," 343 Industries says.


Halo Infinite was supposed to already be available, as it was initially scheduled to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X/S. However, Microsoft pushed the game out to 2021 due to complications related to COVID-19, among other things. Fans are understandably eager to learn more about the game, but developer 343 Industries is not ready to share just yet.

In a new blog post, the studio said it understands that people want to know more, but the company won't discuss the game more until it has something to show.

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"We want nothing more than to answer your questions. We can't wait to go into deep detail about the rich story and characters in the Halo Infinite campaign, to dive into exactly how customization and progression works and shows up visually in the multiplayer experience, and provide a detailed look at the incredible depth of content across the entire game," the studio said.

But to do right by the game and the studio, 343 doesn't want to divulge more information until it can show instead of tell. When might that happen? Probably not soon.

"The best we can say right now is 'when it's ready.' That's not the same as 'when it's done,' but it's still 'not yet.' When we get close, we'll be sure to let you know ahead of time. Your questions will, eventually, be answered," 343 said.

Also in the blog post, the studio admitted that it has remained quiet on Halo Infinite for longer than it would like, but this was due to "a myriad of circumstances" that came out of the delay from 2020 to 2021. "We're working with the team to provide an end of year update and establish plans to be much more communicative in the coming months," the studio said.

This statement comes not long after the studio said it would have a "high level" update to share on Halo Infinite in the relatively near future. Halo Infinite will not, however, have any reveals during The Game Awards in December.

While Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021, the game's various merchandising and promotional campaigns are rolling ahead normally. This has rubbed some people the wrong way. 343 explained that the team was working with the idea that Halo Infinite would launch in 2020, and when that changed, there was too much momentum to stop the train.

"Our marketing and promotions teams have been working for over a year in most cases to ensure Halo Infinite is everywhere possible this holiday to support the game and the Xbox Series X launch. So, when the game shifted out of 2020, the million moving parts across Halo Gear, brand partnerships, marketing, Xbox, legal, retail, and community had to take stock, recalibrate, and readjust," 343 said. "That doesn’t mean hitting the brakes on these programs however, especially when we can still support them today with things like banking rewards for launch."

In addition to the delay, Halo Infinite's development team experienced some high-level staff turnover this year, most recently with director Chris Lee leaving the project. In an interview with GameSpot, Spencer downplayed the staff turnover, and he said he believes in 343's vision for the game. "I have a ton of belief in Halo and 343 and where we're going. I've played quite a bit of Infinite and I'm looking forward to other people getting to play," he said.

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