Halo Infinite Dev Hopes The Game Helps Lift Your Spirits During The Pandemic

"Honestly, some days, it's been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel."


Halo Infinite is finally here. After years of development and a lengthy delay, Microsoft's first new mainline Halo game since 2015 is out today across Xbox, PC, and the cloud.

Halo Infinite head of creative, Joseph Staten, released a statement celebrating the game's launch and commenting on the environment into which it's releasing. "... this game is launching at an incredibly tough time," Staten said. "The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly disrupted families and friendships. It has radically altered the way we work and collaborate as well as how we interact with each other on a fundamental human level. And honestly, some days, it's been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Staten said it is his hope that Master Chief's story in Halo Infinite helps lift your spirits and that it makes you "smile and cheer."

"More than anything else, we hope Halo Infinite's campaign makes you feel like a hero, who might be battered and bruised, but who always finds the courage to rise and fight and win," Staten said.

Halo Infinite's campaign was not available to pre-load, but everyone can download it right now--here's how to download Halo Infinite's campaign.

In our Halo Infinite review, editor Jordan Ramée praised the game's combat and evolution into its open-world, writing, "Halo Infinite strives to transform what it means to be a Halo game, making Chief into a reluctant father figure for a young and naive AI and putting him into an open-world setting. It turns out that was a risk worth taking for the franchise, as Infinite is an incredible game."

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