Halo Infinite Dev Explains How Equipment Works And How It's Different From Past Games

Equipment works a little differently in Halo Infinite--get all the details here.


343 Industries has begun to share more details on Halo Infinite's sandbox elements, and the company's in-depth blog post includes some details on how equipment works.

Two of the main pieces of new equipment that we've seen so far are the Grappleshot and the Drop Wall shield, which were shown off in the campaign mode. These pieces of equipment and others will also be available in multiplayer.

Master Chief's Grappleshot in Halo Infinite
Master Chief's Grappleshot in Halo Infinite

Sandbox designer Quinn DelHoyo said in the blog post that the overarching goal for equipment in Halo--across campaign and multiplayer--is to be a "force multiplier."

"The player can flip a combat encounter on its head if they possess an equipment item, much like how you saw Master Chief deploy the Drop Wall right when the Brute tossed the Spike Grenade in the campaign reveal last summer," DelHoyo said. "What was a difficult situation swung in the Chief's favor due to quick thinking and instincts. That's something that we feel is exciting about equipment. They provide an avenue to actions that exist in a more free-form space unlike the well-defined box of a vehicle or weapon."

For the multiplayer mode, DelHoyo revealed that Infinite's equipment can be earned through gameplay or by finding it on the maps. This structure "brings a level of fairness and competition," according to DelHoyo.

The developer also remarked that the equipment in Halo Infinite will perform "very similarly" across campaign and multiplayer, but not exactly.

"We are tailoring each equipment (all sandbox features for that matter), to the experience they are being used. So, expect to see some minor differences between multiplayer and campaign when it comes to acquiring equipment, the frequency in which they can be used, etc.," he said.

Senior designer Tim Temmerman also weighed in, saying the core idea for Halo Infinite's equipment was to create options that complement and enhance the combat loop.

"Pushing the boundaries just far enough to feel empowering without being disruptive," Timmerman said. "We looked for equipment that could be paired with maps, modes, weapons, and vehicles in new and effective ways. Another key aspect was equipment with a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling. In other words, equipment that was easy to understand and benefit from for beginner players, but with elements of mastery that allow high skill players to do some amazing stuff."

The Drop Wall in Halo Infinite
The Drop Wall in Halo Infinite

Another important factor is helping opponents quickly understand what type of equipment they are coming up against during a combat scenario.

"Equally important is how the equipment feels on the opponent's end," Timmerman said. "Not only that it's balanced, but that there’s engaging counterplay or clear telegraphing that give players on both sides an opportunity to display skill mastery."

Sandbox designer Elan Gleiber, meanwhile, confirmed that Halo Infinite's use of equipment might look a little different compared to previous Halo games.

"Compared to recent Halo titles with more innate abilities, equipment in Infinite creates fewer overall instances of change within the core combat loop, however we can make those instances much more impactful and fun," Gleiber said. "We have more room to push the boundaries of our sandbox, allowing new ways for players to express their skill and game knowledge across various playstyles. This is why equipment was the clear choice, and it gives us a lot of space to grow and change the meta as the game progresses over the years."

Following a delay, Halo Infinite is scheduled to release in Fall 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Due to Microsoft's recent policy changes, the free-to-play multiplayer mode will not require Xbox Live Gold.

The new blog post was stuffed with new details on Halo Infinite--check out the stories below to learn more.

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