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Halo Infinite Dev Answers Your Burning Questions About Grappling Hook, Weapons, Vehicles, More In Huge Info Release

It's a good day to be a Halo fan, as Microsoft just unleashed a huge amount of info about Halo Infinite.


Halo fans have been treated to one of the biggest news drops about Halo Infinite to date. As part of a new Ask 343 video series, lead sandbox designer Quinn DelHoyo shared a lot of information and details about the next-gen Halo game.

In the video, DelHoyo responds to numerous fan questions about Halo Infinite. He touches on the changes coming to vehicles--mainly that they can now be damaged in multiple ways depending on where they are attacked--as well as how players can use the grappling hook. DelHoyo shares that you can use it to skyjack Banshees or pull weapons toward you, which could have major implications in campaign and multiplayer.

DelHoyo also teases how 343 is not planning to release Halo 7 anytime soon, and instead the studio will focus on continual updates that could introduce new weapons and features after release. DelHoyo also talks about the Bulldog shotgun, addressing the concern about its lesser damage than the showstopper of a shotgun from previous games.

DelHoyo teased that 343 has not yet announced all the weapons for Halo Infinite, so players looking to stomp their enemies from close-range will have options. The video also includes new details on how you'll acquire equipment, weapon tuning, and so much more.

The full, 25-minute video is absolutely stuffed with interesting insight and details, and it's probably best to hear directly from DelHoyo about the changes. So go ahead and grab some coffee, kick up your feet, and enjoy the video.

Halo Infinite releases in Fall 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. There will be at least one beta test held prior to launch, and you can learn more about it and how to sign up here.

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