Halo Infinite Controls Are Fully Remappable On Xbox And PC

Microsoft is no longer limiting players to particular pre-set control options.


As part of a wide-ranging and in-depth blog post, Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries revealed that the sci-fi shooter's controls will be fully remappable.

The studio said it's doing this because Halo is best "when the controls feel frictionless, natural, and responsive" such that the actual input fades away and players get immersed in the combat.

"Everything should feel intuitive and we don't want the player to have to 'fight' the game in order to have fun," the studio said. "It's because of this principle, and the fact that Halo Infinite will be on PC, that led us to rebuild the control scheme system to allow players to fully rebind and remap their controls, regardless of platform.

"How players control Chief or their Spartan is crucial and we recognize that players feel the most connected to the game when control customization is fully featured," the studio added.

Remappable controls are new to Halo, as previous entries in the series only allowed players to select from a variety of pre-sets based on their preferences. Allowing for full control of key binds and remapping is a big move for the Halo series and it will be interesting to see how it is embraced by the community.

The full blog post is well worth a read for Halo fans, as it touches on a number of other key parts of Halo Infinite's development, and it confirms that all of the game's launch content is finished and playable. The game was originally planned to release as a launch title for Xbox Series X|S, but the game was later delayed to Fall 2021.

When Halo Infinite is finally released, it will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get the game at no extra charge. The multiplayer element is free-to-play, and it will not require Xbox Live Gold due to Microsoft's recent policy changes.

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