Halo Infinite Campaign Designed For Normal Difficulty For First Time In The Series

"This time, we spent much more time on the Normal difficulty, expecting new players to come in."


343 Industries has said that Halo Infinite was designed for Normal difficulty for the first time in the series, with the intention of making it accessible to a new audience.

During an interview with VGC, 343 discussed the development process behind the upcoming Halo Infinite campaign, including why the studio decided to focus on making Normal mode its primary focus when scaling difficulties.

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"Traditionally, Halo's always been developed on the Heroic difficulty, and we did the same thing for 4 and 5," said Halo Infinite's character director, Stephen Dyck. "So usually we look at Heroic, we’re tuning everything here, everything is scaled down a little bit for Normal and Easy and then scaled up a little bit for Legendary. This time, we spent much more time on the Normal difficulty, expecting new players to come in."

Dyck went on to explain that this doesn't mean that Heroic and Legendary aren't hard, but the studio did "spend more time on Normal difficulty" with new players in the series in mind, saying that the team didn't want them to be "hit with a wall from a gameplay standpoint."

“So one of the philosophies we’ve had is, the player’s always right or the game says ‘yes’," Dyck continued. "If the player wants to use something or a certain type of weapon, while certain weapons will be more successful, we’re never going to say, ‘you’re just wrong, you can’t do that’."

Halo Infinite is set to launch on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Infinite's multiplayer was released on November 15 during the series' celebratory 20th-anniversary presentation and can be downloaded for free now.

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