Halo Infinite Boss Battle: How To Defeat Escharum

Your showdown with this brash Brute was long overdue.


As you near the end of Halo Infinite, you’ll finally get to face off against Escharum, the Banished leader who idolizes the late Atriox and spends most of the game daring you to face him. Once you finally do, you may just live to see the end of the rivalry, but only if you’re careful. Here’s how to defeat Escharum in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Escharum boss battle

After the Banished kidnap the Pelican pilot and dare you to rescue him in the Banished headquarters, you’ll eventually come face to face with Escharum. As it turns out, his bite happens to be as big as his bark, which is really saying something given his penchant for a villainous monologue.

The room in which you find yourself facing off against Escharum is decorated with a few key features. Unmissable in one side of the room is the pilot, strapped to some sort of futuristic restraint / torture device. To free him, you’ll need to go through Escharum, but sometimes trying to do precisely that is what will hurt the pilot, so this fight between two of the galaxy’s strongest warriors takes a bit of brains as well as brawn.

Initially, you can just unload on Escharum with whatever you’d like. Like other boss battles, such as those with Chak ‘Lok, Bassus, or Adjutant Resolution, the boss arena is littered with weapons and grenades, so take your pick and hurt him as much as you can.

Eventually, Escharum quits yapping and lets his power do the talking.
Eventually, Escharum quits yapping and lets his power do the talking.

Eventually, Escharum will run to the center of the room and create an impenetrable red dome-like shield around himself. Try to shoot through this shield and the damage will be re-routed and hurt the pilot instead, so don’t even bother firing when Escharum is guarded like this. Instead, you’ll want to look to the pillars around the room from which his shield is originating. Across four phases, one by one, a pillar will open to reveal a glowing orange battery.

Dealing enough damage to the battery will shut down Escharum’s shield and leave him vulnerable in his next phase. You’ll need to repeat this four times in total, and upon doing it the last time, Escharum will abandon trading gunfire with you and come right at you with his custom melee weapon, an intimidating glowing red scythe.

At this point, he’ll nearly be defeated, but like you did with Bassus, you’ll want to use your Grappleshot to keep your distance because he’ll be coming to claim your head with the little bit of lifeforce he has left. Once you’ve successfully killed him off, you can claim his scythe as your own and free the pilot from his shackles. You’ve both lived to see another day--or at least another corridor.

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