Halo Infinite Boss Battle: How To Defeat Chak ‘Lok

Halo Infinite’s first boss battle will have you facing an enemy you can hardly see.


The Halo Infinite campaign is finally here after three years of hype and a year-long delay. If you’re diving in on PC or Xbox platforms including Game Pass, you’re going to find a new-look Halo featuring open-world exploration combined with Halo’s tight and familiar story missions. One of those early missions has you taking on the game’s first boss battle against Chak ‘Lok. If you're stuck trying to defeat this barely-visible enemy, we’re here to help. Here’s how to defeat Chak ‘Lok in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Chak ‘Lok boss battle

You’ll come upon Chak ‘Lok at the end of one of the game’s earliest missions. You’ll already have been able to explore some of Zeta Halo’s open world by now, and hopefully you found some Spartan Cores in your travels, as these skill points can help make the Chak ‘Lok boss battle a lot more manageable.

However, even if you rushed right to this point and ignored all peripheral content such as locating a few Spartan Cores, you’ll still have what you need to take him down. It’s no coincidence that you face off against Chak ‘Lok soon after you acquire the Threat Sensor--it’s an unmissable part of the mission. This is important because Chak ‘Lok uses Active Camo to mask his appearance almost to the point of total invisibility.

Chak 'Lok stalks like the Predator.
Chak 'Lok stalks like the Predator.

What you’ll want to focus on is using the Threat Sensor to regularly ping his location in the small arena in which you’ll face off against him. When you’ve properly marked him, Chak ‘Lok will stay outlined for as long as he’s within the Threat Sensor’s radius, which eliminates his critical element of surprise. From there, you’ll want to work on depleting his shields to get to his health, like you would in multiplayer against any foe.

On higher difficulties, Chak ‘Lok may prove to be a formidable early boss, but if you explore a bit of the open world before you take him on, you may head into battle with an upgraded Grappleshot. Upgrading this fan-favorite new Halo tool twice (with three total Spartan Cores) will give you both a 40% cooldown reduction as well as a stun effect whenever you fire it directly at enemies.

When Chak ‘Lok is pinged--or if you can make out his faint shape without a ping--hitting him with your newly electrifying Grappleshot will not only help you locate him for a few seconds after, it will also do a good amount of damage to him, especially if you’re working on his shields.

If you happen to have grabbed some Spartan Cores in the open world but have not yet spent them on other upgrades, you can also apply them to the Threat Sensor ahead of this battle. If you have three Spartan Cores, you can get the first two upgrades for this device, which will give your sensor a 50% wider scan radius and add a second sensor before you’ll be totally depleted and awaiting a cooldown.

If you go this route, Chak ‘Lok will basically always be pinged during your battle, which greatly evens the odds. It might mean you can shock him with your Grappleshot, but if you notice, the arena is also full of Shock Coils, so firing at those and causing them to explode when he’s near can be a good replacement in times of need.

Once you’ve defeated Chak ‘Lok, you’ll be back out in the open world, where you can head to the next traditional Halo mission or explore more. Next up on the boss battle hit list will be Bassus. Grab some Spartan Cores, then follow our guide to learn how to defeat this hard-charging Brute here.

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