Halo Infinite Boss Battle: How To Defeat Bassus

This hard-charging Brute requires an agile Master Chief.


The Halo Infinite campaign is not short on boss battles. Master Chief will take on a number of enemies from various factions and of different types--both organic and artificial--during his time on Zeta Halo, humanity’s last hope. After you’ve defeated Chak ‘Lok, you’ll be on your way to taking on Bassus, a Banished Brute who would very much love to crush you beneath his Gravity Hammer. Here’s how to battle this boss so you can stay clear of the teeth of his massive weapon.

Halo Infinite Bassus boss battle

The first thing you’ll notice when you’re put into the boss arena with Bassus is his hard-to-miss Gravity Hammer. Let this be your cue to fight Bassus from a distance. He will try very hard to make this a close-quarters battle, often sprinting head-first right at you. Don’t let him.

To best keep your distance, have the Grappleshot equipped and ready to fire on demand. Hopefully you’ve also improved its cooldown time by now using the game’s Spartan Cores for upgrades and abilities, so you can use it more often. Bassus is relentless.

Bassus isn't messing around.
Bassus isn't messing around.

Focus on his shields, understanding that, like yours, they’ll recharge if left unharmed for a few seconds. Even if you can only get a shot or two on target, do it to ensure he can’t build his shields back up. All the while, you should be grappling around the arena and seeking higher ground when possible. Fire at him from a distance as best as you can, and if you run out of ammo, seek the restock areas and weapon lockers in the room.

If you’re fighting him efficiently, you’ll be grappling out of his reach frequently and firing at him in between, sort of like a matador against the world’s fiercest bull. Keep doing your best Miles Morales impression, dashing out of the way whenever you can until his shields are gone, then keep up the routine to work on his actual health. So long as you maintain the pressure on and stay out of reach of his devastating melee weapon, you’ll have the advantage the whole time and eventually deplete his vitality to nothingness.

Once Bassus is defeated, you’ll be back on the story path, then back in the open world. Your next boss battle will be against the Sentinel, Adjutant Resolution.

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