Halo Infinite Boss Battle: How To Defeat Adjutant Resolution

Taking on this Sentinel can be electrifying.


Once you get a few hours into the Halo Infinite campaign, you’ll notice a pattern of having to take on and take down some tough opponents in good old-fashioned boss battle arenas. The first non-organic lifeform that stands between you and story progress is the Sentinel, Adjutant Resolution, and its Sentinel Beam can toast you in seconds if you’re not careful. Here’s how to go about this boss battle so you can defeat Adjutant Resolution in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Adjutant Resolution boss battle

Your fight with this flying AI bot takes place atop a tower in a room decorated with sturdy pillars and some weapon caches lying about. You’ll also notice right away that Resolution comes at you with its four-pronged frame, and each limb ends with a glowing golden light. Unless you’re new to games, this should be a sign: Hit the glowing weak spots.

However, it’s not quite that simple. Resolution isn’t going to just take the beating. It’s got a powerful Sentinel Beam that fires a constant stream of hardlight energy at you and swiftly eats away at your shields if you allow it. The key to this battle is thus twofold: Hit Resolution’s weak spots with a weapon like the Shock Rifle you’ll find in the stack of weapons nearby, then get into cover.

Halo isn't usually a cover shooter, but you'll want to get behind cover with this Sentinel.
Halo isn't usually a cover shooter, but you'll want to get behind cover with this Sentinel.

The Shock Rifle makes quick work of the robot--fries its circuits, I suppose--and its limbs will retract. In that time, you can hit it a few more times in the center (its eye, technically), but do so near a pillar. When Resolution re-engages, it will quickly try to hit you with a heavy dose of its Sentinel Beam, and you can only dodge it safely by getting behind a pillar.

These pillars are indestructible, so use your mini-map to see from which way the Sentinel may be giving chase and strafe to the other side of the pillar until the boss needs to recharge. In that time, repeat the process one limb at a time until you’ve depleted the bot’s figurative batteries completely. With that, you’ll have finished this part of the story.

Subsequent boss battle (spoilers)

Note that you’ll take on an enemy much like this later in the story, and in a much bigger room. Though you can mostly apply the same tactics, in this later case, the pillars upon which you so heavily rely will, at times, sink into the floor and leave you caught in the open.

On this occasion, the one added step you’ll want to add to your routine is to grapple to farther-off pillars that have not betrayed you like this. That way, you’ll get some distance, but more importantly, find yourself behind another pillar just as the burst of hardlight energy comes heat-seeking for Chief’s helmet.

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