Halo Infinite AMD GPU Announced, But You Can't Buy It

A limited-edition Halo Infinite GPU has been announced, and it's the fastest gaming graphics card that AMD has ever developed.


As part of 343's big announcements about the PC edition of Halo Infinite, the studio announced a partnership with AMD for a limited-edition GPU. It is the fastest gaming graphics card that AMD has ever developed.

The AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Halo Infinite limited-edition GPU features a design inspired by the Master Chief's Mark VII Mjolnir armor, including his 117 callsign and a Cortana-blue light. The Halo Infinite GPU is not going on sale to the general public, but AMD, Halo, and "other partners" will offer a chance to win one over the coming weeks.

Behold, the Halo Infinite GPU that you cannot buy
Behold, the Halo Infinite GPU that you cannot buy

The GPU is part of Microsoft's wider partnership with AMD for Halo Infinite. 343 said it has been working with AMD for the past two years to make Halo Infinite a "spectacular experience" on PC.

"Working with AMD allowed us to make game title optimizations that benefit a vast range of hardware and device endpoints. From ultra-spec gaming powerhouses to older and cost-effective gaming machines as well as our entire family of consoles, something that only partnering with AMD could help us achieve," 343 said.

343 said it worked alongside AMD's engineers to help Halo Infinite run better on AMD Ryzen processors. And this is just the start of Microsoft's partnership with AMD, as the company said it has "identified opportunities for additional configuration options, performance tweaks, and memory improvements across both PC as well as console and we're working together on more optimization solutions that should benefit all platforms."

Microsoft and AMD aren't sharing all the specifics yet, but 343 said it is working with AMD to add ray-tracing to Halo Infinite after launch. "Ray tracing is one our top development priorities post-launch and look forward to sharing more soon," 343 said.

For lots more, check out all the new details about Halo Infinite for PC. The game launches on December 8 for PC as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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