Halo Fans Discover Mongoose Kart Easter Egg In Halo 5 Six Years Later

After a designer dropped some hints, Halo fans were able to uncover a Halo Kart-style Easter egg that had gone undetected in the game since release.


A group of dedicated Halo fans have uncovered a previously-unknown Easter egg in Halo 5: Guardians. The Easter egg found in the campaign mission Evacuation puts four players on mongooses (or mongeese) and challenges them to race one another, with the winner receiving a heavy weapon for their trouble.

Last week, a popular Twitter thread prompted developers to reveal their favorite Easter eggs in games they've worked on. Halo designer Patrick Wren responded that the Evacuation mission features hidden Halo Kart for four players. When fans heard this and realized that no one had uncovered it yet, they immediately started streaming their attempts to find the hidden feature.

YouTuber Rocket Sloth hopped into Halo 5 with three fellow Halo superfans and scoured the level for any hints they could find. Eventually, Wren responded with the above five-line rhyme to give the players a little more direction. The fans figured out pretty quickly that the line about "a duration of his designation" referred to Master Chief's true name of John-117, meaning that they needed to stand somewhere for 117 seconds.

Thanks to a little more direction from Wren, they were eventually able to figure out that they needed to stand at a certain gate for 117 seconds within three seconds of the mission starting. When they did this, they were teleported into the mongoose race, just like Wren had said. Rocket Sloth and his friends showcase the whole process of finding the Easter egg in the above video, so if you're interested in more details, check it out.

Halo Infinite is slated to release in Q4 of 2021, following its high-profile delay last year. Recently, Xbox celebrated its acquisition of Bethesda by posting a photo of Master Chief and Doomguy as a reference to Step Brothers. The official Xbox YouTube channel recently posted a video of Master Chief over the years, though it ends quite abruptly.

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