Halo Fan Shares A Very Wholesome Story About Meeting Multiplayer Announcer Jeff Steitzer

"It's clear that he LOVES being a part of a lot of his fans' childhoods."


A Halo fan has shared a very wholesome story about a chance meeting with Halo multiplayer announcer Jeff Steitzer. Posting on Reddit, user AlgaeEater said they bumped into Steitzer randomly in public while out shopping, although they weren't sure it was him at first because he was wearing a mask.

AlgaeEater thought he looked familiar, but didn't think more of it until later, when Steitzer walked into the same store as AlgaeEater. Hearing Steitzer's voice, AlgaeEater then sussed it out--it was indeed Steitzer. They exchanged a few words and Steitzer asked if AlgaeEater was playing Infinite, but in an effort to give Steitzer space, AlgaeEater walked off after telling Steitzer how great a job he does in Halo.

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But the story doesn't end there. Steitzer found AlgaeEater later in the day and they had a chat, and Steitzer even recited some epic lines that he's known for.

"I walked off out of the store and found a seat to eat my food. My friend who was still in the store, came back about 10 minutes later and said, 'Hey that guy wants you to come back, he wants to meet you!' So he literally waited for me by the store and we talked about Halo. What an awesome guy for him to go out of his way to see I was excited, and do that for me," AlgaeEater said.

"I was surprised. He asked about how I recognized him since people don't really see his face, and how long I've been playing Halo. It's clear that he LOVES being a part of a lot of his fans' childhoods. He then proceeded to say 'DOUBLE KILL' and 'UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE', which was amazing."

AlgaeEater said they were very impressed by Steitzer and how he seemed to genuinely enjoy connecting with fans, speaking with them, and hearing their own personal stories about Halo.

"He loves being known by so many people. We then got a picture, and I wished him a great day," AlgaeEater said, opting not to share the photo or disclose the location of the meeting out of privacy for Steitzer.

Steitzer has been the Halo multiplayer voice announcer for more than 20 years, and returned most recently for Halo Infinite's Arena modes. His voice is missing from Big Team Battle, but that is coming later on in an update. Right now, BTB is facing a number of issues, but with the 343 team back from a holiday break, the studio is preparing a fix.

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