Halo Composer and Ex-Bungie Devs Form New Studio

Will he bring the monk choir back?


Many Halo fans lamented the news when famous composer Marty O'Donnell was fired from Bungie last year. O'Donnell is responsible for the Halo soundtrack, which includes one of the most iconic video game themes. He was in the midst of composing the soundtrack for Destiny when he was let go.

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Now, however, fans can rest easy, for O'Donnell is back in action at a new studio. The composer and several other ex-Bungie and Airtight Games members announced that they've formed a new developer, called Highwire Games. Airtight developed Murdered: Soul Suspect before it closed last year.

According to the studio's website, "Highwire Games is a small team of veteran game developers--with a proven record of creative vision and disciplined, high-quality production--applying our expertise to new platforms, creating new experiences and reaching new audiences."

The team's LinkedIn page also mentions that it is capable in virtual reality development, among other specialties. Nothing is known about what the studio is working on, but keep an eye on GameSpot for when more news becomes available.

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