Halo Completed in 97 Minutes in New World Record Speed Run

There's a new record for completing the first game in the Halo series on Legendary.


Halo: Combat Evolved

Speedrunner goatrope has set a new world record for completion time in Halo: Combat Evolved on Legendary difficulty, finishing the game in an impressive 1:36:40.69. You can watch the full run above (via Kotaku), which bests the previous record--as tracked by HaloRuns--by nearly a full minute.

Taking just under 97 minutes to complete a game might not sound impressive on the surface, given the insane times we've seen with other games--Fallout 3 in 24 minutes or Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes in less than four, for instance. But when you consider that Halo is a linear game that usually takes in the neighborhood of 9-10 hours to complete, you can begin to understand what makes this so impressive. There are only so many shortcuts that can be taken; if you watch the whole video, you'll see some techniques for shaving off time like grenade jumps and getting vehicles into areas they are not meant to be taken.

During the run, goatrope dies only seven times--a number I'd be happy with over the course of one level on Legendary--en route to his world record. However, he doesn't seem pleased with his run, as the description on the Twitch replay reads "world's worst world record." After making it to end of the game's final level, he could only lament the time he'd lost along the way.

How quickly do you think you could finish Halo? Let us know in the comments.

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