Halo comic goes monthly

After launch of graphic novel, Marvel announces plans to revisit the Master Chief on a regular basis, starting in 2007.


Halo diehards are likely used to unpredictable release schedules by now, but Marvel Comics is looking to help them out with a regular dose of action in their favorite sci-fi shooter series. The comic publisher confirmed that it plans to publish an ongoing monthly Halo comic, with the first issue hitting shelves in May or June of 2007.

"The comic series will explore different parts of the Halo timeline," a Marvel rep told GameSpot. "Bungie and Marvel are still in the process of deciding which parts to explore. Rest assured--the comic series will cover different areas and parts of the Halo universe and continuity."

While a comic launch would tie in nicely with the release of Halo 3, it doesn't appear as if the game's release date was a factor in Marvel's plans. The rep said the decision to start the series up next summer was picked "based on talents being considered for the comic series; scheduling; branding/marketing reasons; etc.--not upon anything else."

Exactly which talents Marvel has lined up for the project are a mystery at the moment, but they might not be for long. The rep said Marvel would have "a huge announcement on the creative team relatively soon."

For a look at Marvel's first treatment of the Halo universe, gamers can pick up the newly released Halo graphic novel. The game has also inspired several original fiction novels, one of which, Halo: The Fall of Reach, will be partially included in the forthcoming Halo film.

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