Halo: Combat Evolved Xbox One Gets New Screenshots

Microsoft releases two new images of upcoming Master Chief Collection game and answers questions about its multiplayer mode.

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Microsoft's 343 Industries has released two new images for the Xbox One version of Halo: Combat Evolved featured in next month's Master Chief Collection. The developer shared the in-game screenshots on its blog this week, and teased that video footage is coming sometime in the future.

In addition to releasing the screenshots, 343 answered some frequently asked questions about the Xbox One version of Combat Evolved. The company says all of the game types and custom game type options from the original game will be available in the new version's custom games menu. In addition, 343 says there will be a variety of matchmaking playlists for Combat Evolved, some with radar enabled, and some with radar disabled.

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In addition, 343 says the various maps that were exclusive to the PC version of Combat Evolved will be available in the Xbox One version for custom games and matchmaking. The same is true for Halo 2's PC-exclusive maps.

On the subject of the Flamethrower and Fuel Rod Gun--which were available in the PC version of Combat Evolved--343 says the Xbox One version will allow you to choose from multiple weapon sets, one of which is "classic," and does not include those guns.

The Master Chief Collection launches November 11 for Xbox One--and not PC. It includes remastered versions of Halo 1-4 (with multiplayer support), as well as access to Ridley Scott's Halo: Nightfall show, and a key to the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians beta. This pre-release period begins December 29, 2014 and runs through January 19, 2015.

Check out both of the new Combat Evolved screenshots in the gallery below. Be sure to click the thumbnails to bring up full-size versions.

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