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Halo Co-Creator Shows Off Disintegration, A New Team-Based Multiplayer Game

Releasing in 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox.


Coming from the co-creator of the Halo series, Marcus Lehto, Disintegration is a new type of FPS that blends traditional multiplayer gameplay with the PvE experience. First revealed at E3 2019, we saw our first look at gameplay during the Opening Night Live stream at Gamescom 2019. The developers from V1 Interactive showed off what to expect from the new multiplayer FPS. According to the creators, Disintegration will have a full single-player campaign focusing on a variety of different characters--including the grav-cycle pilot Roamer--along with a comprehensive multiplayer mode.

In the trailer, we got to see brief glimpses of the 5v5 multiplayer matches, which seems to blend traditional multiplayer with PvE elements. Following the debut of the trailer, game creator Lehto took to the stage to talk about their focus on creating an FPS that has elements from his previous work on Halo, while also putting a new spin on the formula. From the gameplay we saw, it looks as though the game will have some mechanics similar to a hero shooter.

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In the trailer, we saw Roamer interact with another character, the latter of whom makes some jokes at the other's expense. Despite how grim the title is, there seems to be a lot of humor, which is shown off by the unique characters in the game. As of this time, Disintegration is set for launch on current platforms in 2020.

For more on Disintegration and all other games at Gamescom 2019, including Death Stranding and Gears 5, be sure to check back with GameSpot for updates as they come in.

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