Halo Co-Creator Reacts To TV Series - "Not The Halo I Made"

Marcus Lehto responds to the growing backlash swirling around the show's accuracy.


Halo game franchise co-creator Marcus Lehto has reacted skeptically to the popular, though divisive, Paramount+ series adaptation. Said Lehto on Twitter, "I'm not sure where the inspiration for the show comes from now. Not the Halo I made."

Lehto was tagged, and then responded, to a thread discussing a Light Night Gaming video critical of the Paramount+ series. Although the Halo TV series has long been on record as taking place within the Silver Timeline--which is separate from the games, which also means Master Chief will be shown in a different light than the games and books--many fans, and also Lehto say they are unsure who the show is intended for if it diverges from the source material so dramatically.

Lehto later clarified, also on Twitter, that "I never said I didn't like it. It's just so different than the Halo I helped make--like it's a different universe." Fans quickly seized on Lehto to ask if he had ideas for where he would have taken a TV series based on Halo, and for further elaboration on whether he, in fact, cared for the current show.

A month before the show finally premiered, it was picked up for Season 2. In a recent interview following the Season 1 finale, Halo's Kiki Wolfkill said she hopes the audience can "rise beyond" the recent, divisive episode in which Master Chief has sex with Makee. Explained Wolfkill, that moment was intended to demonstrate that Chief was capable of having a "human connection with someone."

For Season 2, David Wiener is set as showrunner and executive producer--he'll be stepping in for Kyle Killen and Steven Kane.

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