Halo-Branded Pringles That Taste Like An Extinct Bird From Halo: Reach Have Arrived

What a time to be alive: you can now eat Halo-branded Pringles that taste like an extinct bird.


Microsoft's marketing machine for Halo Infinite is kicking into gear for a second time, following the latest delay on the game last year. The company has now announced a partnership with Pringles, but it's for a flavor we never expected.

Limited-edition cans of Halo-branded cans with the "Moa Burger" flavor are now available to buy only at Walmart. "Our latest shipments from Reach have arrived, so be sure to grab them while you can," Microsoft said in a tweet. According to the image from the tweet, these Pringles are the "wavy" version instead of the classic option.

The "Moa Burger" is a reference to an in-game ad from Halo: Reach. Restaurants in the game's universe made burgers out of the flightless birds that call Reach home. Now you can eat them in chip form, and we can only imagine what they might taste like. The Moa was also a real bird that lived in New Zealand until it went extinct.

From the looks of it, these special Pringles cans don't contain any bonuses or extras like double XP or anything like that, so they are purely a collector's item.

The new Moa Pringles have taken the internet by storm, and even late-night TV host Stephen Colbert has cracked some jokes about the chips.

Because Halo Infinite was supposed to release in Fall 2020, a number of marketing campaigns for the game have already rolled out. Microsoft's partnership with Butterfinger included free DLC for people who bought the sugary snack, though the campaign is now over. Additionally, Microsoft teamed up with Monster Energy to offer double XP in Halo Infinite when it releases.

Xbox marketing manager Katie J said Pringles approached Microsoft for this special campaign--Microsoft was apparently quick to say yes.

Halo Infinite will release in Fall 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The game's multiplayer element will be free-to-play with microtransactions.

Recently, developer 343 Industries released a series of images from the game's campaign mode that show off a massive graphical improvement.

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