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Halo Boss on Project Scorpio Specs: "Beefier Than I Expected"

"What I do remember is that it's beefier than I expected."


2017 is going to be a big year for the Xbox brand. Microsoft will release its Project Scorpio console during the holiday, a system that Microsoft claims is the most powerful ever made. Now, Halo boss Frank O'Connor has weighed in on the system.

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Writing on NeoGAF (via another NeoGAF thread), O'Connor said he hasn't paid a whole lot of attention to the specifics but teased that the specs are "beefier" than he expected.

O'Connor had this to say: "Haha, although I probably 'know' [what Project Scorpio's specs are] in that I might have seen it in a slide or something, it's literally not something I have time to think about now and I actually couldn't remember whatever specs I've been exposed to even if I was tortured.

"I literally couldn't leak or answer a question that went beyond, 'Can I do this? Does it support that? How many of these could it render?' What I do remember is that it's beefier than I expected."

No new Halo games for Project Scorpio have been announced. But given that Halo is one of Microsoft's biggest and best-known franchises, it can be assumed that more games in the series are in the works. In fact, O'Connor said last year that Halo 6 is in the planning stages. He also teased that Halo 6, or whatever the game might be called, could have split-screen after Halo 5 controversially left it out.

Project Scorpio is set to have 6 teraflops of performance. It will be significantly more powerful than Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, according to Microsoft.

"We know it's important to deliver an experience that demonstrates the power gap between [the PS4 Pro and Scorpio] at a price that makes sense to console gamers," Microsoft's Albert Penello said.

Microsoft has time and again referred to Project Scorpio as the "most powerful console ever made," so a premium price point is expected. Officially, pricing has not been announced.

Interestingly, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in June 2016 that Microsoft could have released a new, more powerful Xbox One that year. However, the company decided against it because it wanted to wait until it could deliver "true" 4K gaming with six teraflops of performance.

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