Halo 5 Panel at Comic-Con Will Discuss "Mysteries" About Master Chief

"The panel will bring new insight into the mysteries surrounding the Master Chief."


Capcom's Street Fighter V won't be the only game on display next week at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Microsoft will hold a special Halo 5: Guardians panel during the pop culture show, according to the official event schedule. The panel is called "Hunt for the Truth: Following the Trail of the Halo 5: Guardians Story." It will be held Friday, July 10, at 10:15 AM PDT and will run for a period of one hour.

343 Industries developers and "special guests" will sit on the panel to talk about Halo 5's story.

"The panel will bring new insight into the mysteries surrounding the Master Chief and build connections between the stories that have been told so far, and sneak peeks of the stories yet to be told in game and beyond," reads a line from the panel's description.

The "beyond" mentioned above could be a reference to some kind of Halos transmedia project. We recently learned that Microsoft's Halo TV show with Steven Spielberg remains in development. Could we learn more about it at Comic-Con? Check back next week to find out.

Halo 5 launches October 27 exclusively for Xbox One. Microsoft recently announced a brand new, epic-scale multiplayer mode called Warzone. You can read our hands-on impressions here.

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