Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta Available Today

Beta should arrive around 9 AM Pacific, but fans have discovered a way to start playing right now.


Halo 5: Guardians
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Did you buy November's Halo: The Master Chief Collection? If so, beginning today, you can start playing the multiplayer beta for 2015 Xbox One game Halo 5: Guardians. The beta will be available to download starting at 9 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern, according to a tweet from the official Halo Twitter account.

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Though the Halo 5 beta doesn't officially become available until later today, some fans on Reddit have discovered a workaround that they say lets you get in right now. Just access the Halo Channel, watch all the Halo: Nightfall episodes (you can fast-forward), and then select a Nightfall armor reward for Halo 5, which will then reportedly take you to a download store where Halo 5's beta is available.

The Halo 5 beta was previously available only for Xbox One Preview Program members. Being a member of that program (which is invite-only) or owning a copy of The Master Chief Collection are the only two ways to get into the Halo 5 beta as of right now.

The three-week trial runs through January 18. For more, check out GameSpot's video preview above.

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Played it for an hour and i was pretty disappointed. Didn't feel like i was playing a Halo game. I will just stick to the MCC if it ever gets fixed.

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Enjoying the beta so far, the gameplay is fast and fun and the new mobility options just kind of work their way in. For the most part, it's back to basics, teams working together to control a map, and the weapons that appear on it, and as long as that remains the goal of small team games from setup to map design, I think 343 has a winner on their hands. Now I'm starting to salivate thinking about what they have in store for my favorite game types, BTB and Forge.

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Was anyone else forced to watch the tv show episodes before the download would activate?

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This game is amazing. I cannot believe this. It exceeded my expectations. I was apprehensive about the feel of the game, and all worries faded away.

I sucked for the first few matches but I was soon getting 21 kills +6 (sorry, k/d of 1.4) and I felt like I was in my new and improved home.

Thank you 343!

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AND BTW... This game isnt like CoD. all u guys that say that are just followers saying that. CoD is supposed to be real life so sit down you fools.... If your saying its like the new CoD then its not... Then new CoD is like Halo so please just shut up about that. These abilities were in reach (not the ground pound). Aiming down sight is only logical for a spartan and u could do that with all other halos just not with the assault rifle and smg.. Just stop being followers

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the sound design in this game is incredible!

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I have a question about Halo. I played all the parts except Halo 4. I just didn't enjoy it and I was basically playing it because it was supposed to be good. But that is a different topic all together. I really hated the fact that you aim down the sights. And my question is, does Halo 5 have the possibility to aim down the sights or not? For me, that is really important.

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Not in the traditional sense. It is more in line with Halo 3 when you zoom, except there's a reticle in your "binoculars." The zoom isn't extreme either, about 1.5x.

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<< LINK REMOVED >>i believe halo 4 was more like cod where you could aim down sights but iv never played halo 4 so not sure. I'm the same as you man, i think the combat on halo was very dull. floaty aiming style, minimal aiming mechanics. the vehicles made the game what it is imo, still a very over rated game.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yes you can Aim down sight's if you select it as an amour ability I believe, with the exception of your pistol which does any way.

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Not true. Have you played the beta?

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Couldn't disagree more haha I love the halo physics and aiming mechanics and in fact my favorite time spent playing Halo was in Halo 3 and on maps that had no vehicles at all. In fact I find CoD play to be very dull and unsatisfying.

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Amazing :)

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After spending some time playing the beta today, I'll just say If you like CoD you'll love Halo 5.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Um no. I'm a long time Halo fan, and this is fantastic. The internet is destroying your mind. Keep away

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it looks nothing like the trailers, DOWNGRADE!!!

Looks last gen and boring, Destiny just destroys it...lol

i really mean it, wow! poor bots have been waiting for this? lol

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1 - you haven't played it. Your profile tells something else;

2 - Destiny, just like any shooter that comes to Playstation, is for noobs, as PS players don't have skill enough for FPS (proof: take a look at destinytracker.com, and see that Xbox users are much better and destroy PS player's profile). Losers don't know how to play;

3 - that's a beta much better than anything else, of every genre, for next gen gaming. And it's not even a campaign (that usually is better than multiplayer). Just take a look at Uncharted 4 gameplay, from a campaign section. Many said it wasn't something really next gen, but a supposed Uncharted 3.5. Even some ponies wanted to make a petition for Naughty Dog.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Destiny destroys this last gen looking game, what does one expect from ddr3 720p, for them to get 60 fps and upscale to 1080p , the levels will be barren like what we see in the beta.

yeah, another same game all the time halo...must be proud.

Destiny looked way better in beta stage, but thats what happens when the CREATORS of Halo leave and make the real next gen halo in Destiny. << LINK REMOVED >>

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This guy likes destiny take his words with a grain of salt.

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A beta is a downgrade? Thank you for the ab workout, I laughed so hard.

Avatar image for sampson3121

<< LINK REMOVED >> if Uncharted 4 game play was called a downgrade from a trailer at E3(said the jealous bots) then yes.

doesn't have to be a downgrade, it looks really bad.

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It's so polished and smooth! Controls are like butter, and the game looks great. Even at the 720p beta reso.

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They did a really good job with Halo 4, but this just doesn't look different enough. I'm glad we have crossed into the 21st century with 60FPS but all the animations and movements just look reused. I want everything redone from the ground up to really shoot the series forward.

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It was done up from the ground up. This is a brand new engine, not an increment.

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Looks like CoD AW mod and seems like I'm not missing much. I'm have no regrets trading in my copy of that broken pos MCC.

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If there is a beta available to play, and the most you can offer is an opinion that begins with "it LOOKS like, " just know your opinion is less than worthless and adds nothing to the conversation.

Thank you.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Lol you're loss you pathetic hater.

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I smell another Sony fanboy.

You traded in MCC because there's no way they were going to fix it?

Suuurre you did...

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Im hearing a lot of good about the beta. Hope it's true, cause I'm downloading it now lol!

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This beta is SICK!!! I love it!! I can only imagine how awesome the campaign is gonna be. This is why I like 343, they are taking Halo into the future and it really looks like it too. Awesome graphics for a beta and VERY, VERY 60fps smooth...

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It is amazing and is exactly what Halo should look and feel like in 2015. Very jaded gamer opinion's aren't going to work this time. Frames PS make this game not the blurry mess I see playing Destiney and other games. ...sorry but it's an all around win!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> this is a Beta just wait they will lower everything once more people start playing it.

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You hope, but no, this is as low as it's gonna get and it is wonderful.

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Translation: "I can't play it. WaaaaaWaaaaah!"

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Alright eagle now I'm positive your a tr0ll

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At first you don't think it's Halo because it looks so different and the music's new - but then the game starts, and it's Halo! But smoother, prettier, and as precise as ever.

Just...wow - can't wait for the full game!!!

Also, if you can - play with a gaming headset - the audio is breathtaking.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You sure are easily pleased. I guess ignorant kids will just settle for generic copy cat shooters nowadays.

Avatar image for codju

What's with the negativity? What has been copied, if I can ask.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You do realise most games have copied Halo 1 way or another. Halo still sets the standard.

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It's GREAT!! I am loving that little zoom you get on the AR now.