Halo 5 "Hog Wild" Free DLC: All the Reqs, Release Date, and More Revealed

Hog Wild lands on May 31.


Halo 5's next free update, Hog Wild, will launch on Tuesday, May 31, developer 343 Industries announced in its blog post. It will be the second free Halo 5 expansion to arrive in May, following Memories of Reach earlier in the month.

Unlike past expansions, Hog Wild doesn't come with any new maps. However, as its name suggests, there are new Warthogs, additional armor sets, and a hybrid weapon scope. You can see all of the new Reqs in the image below.

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As announced previously, Hog Wild was set to include "bigger items," but they needed "a bit more time for finishing touches and polish." As such, they will now be included with the Warzone Firefight expansion at the end of June, which 343 says is the game's largest ever.

It is also expected to be the last free update for Halo 5. You can get a closer look at some of the new Reqs in the gallery above.

Also in the blog post, 343 talked about some changes coming to Halo 5's Warzone. Specifically, the mode's bosses are being changed to be more "dynamic."

"One example: on Apex 7, at the 2-minute mark, you could either have a Zealot Assassin Boss in the Caves, or a Ranger Commander and his squad dropped off at the beaches," 343 multiplayer designer Patrick Wren said. "Each Warzone match should be a bit different instead of the same encounters game after game."

Additionally, Warzone Legendary bosses will offer a "bigger payoff" when you take them down, and the bosses themselves will have more of a "visual identity."

Wren teased that this is only just the start for what 343 has in store.

"There is so much more to talk about with new minion types, reinforcements, roaming bosses, complex encounters and more, which I'm told I can't talk about just yet," he said.

For more on the upcoming Warzone changes, check out the in-depth rundown here.

In other Halo 5 news, it was reported this week that Microsoft's "Project Helix" will see future Halo games released across console and PC. On the more immediate horizon, Halo 5's Forge tools are coming to PC, but there is no matchmaking.

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