Halo 5 Getting Custom Game Browser on Xbox One and PC

"It's pretty megaton for Halo..."


Microsoft continues to add new features to Halo 5: Guardians. Developer 343 Industries has now confirmed that the game is getting a custom game browser on both Xbox One and PC.

343's Frank O'Connor confirmed this on NeoGAF, possibly accidentally. When discussing Halo 5's PC Forge tools, he said, "Once the custom game browser is available I think the community might get crazy legit."

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Studio head Josh Holmes added some further details, stating this is a feature that 343 has wanted to make "for years."

"To be clear, it's a new feature that will provide similar functionality to a custom game browser, extending the existing file browser," he said, as reported by VG247. "It's something we've wanted to build for years and managed to get done as part of our ongoing support for the game.

"We'll be talking in more detail as we near release, but yeah it's pretty megaton for Halo and will be a great addition on both PC and console," he added.

Halo 5's Forge tools and custom games support come to PC on September 8, which is also the day that the game's newest expansion, Anvil's Legacy, comes to Xbox One. The game's file browser also arrives on both systems that day. There is no word yet on when the custom games browser will be available.

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