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Halo 5 Dev Acknowledges "Disconnect" Between Marketing And Actual Game

And for the next Halo game, 343 says there is a lot of "speculation and assumptions" being made.


Recently, Halo boss Frank O'Connor frankly acknowledged the issues people had with Halo 5's story. He said he understands that some wanted a more Master Chief-centric story, and assured fans that Microsoft is taking this feedback into consideration for the next Halo game.

Now, developer 343 Industries has shed some further light on the subject. In its latest weekly blog post, the studio started off by reminding fans that the next Halo game is still under wraps. "It's important to note that there's a lot of speculation and assumptions being made out there--the next major Halo game hasn't even been announced let alone any details about what the story may entail."

The statement continues: "Rest assured that while the studio has received feedback that players wanted to see more of Master Chief in Halo 5, that's far from the only learnings the team has taken to heart."

343 is "absolutely aware" of the feedback about the "disconnects between the game's marketing vs. what transpired in-game." Halo 5's marketing was dramatic and eye-catching, positioning Master Chief as the perceived bad guy. The story didn't exactly deliver in the way some fans wanted.

Additionally, 343 said it is aware of the feedback around Halo 5's lack of split-screen support, among other things. The studio stressed that it is "always striving to learn and improve going forward. We'll have plenty more to say when the time is right."

Although the next Halo game has not been announced, we know it will indeed have split-screen.

You can read 343's full weekly blog post here.

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