Halo 5 Adds New Warzone Multiplayer Mode

The new Warzone Turbo places players at level nine instantly.


Those looking for something new in Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayer will be happy to hear the game has received a new mode today. Warzone Turbo streamlines the Warzone experience, boosting players to level nine and giving them nearly instant energy regeneration.

343 Industries lead multiplayer designer Lawrence Metten detailed the mode in a blog post. In addition to the instant leveling and faster energy regeneration, Metten said that all players also have access to their whole Req inventory for the entire match. He described it as "fiesta-esque mayhem on a gigantic scale."

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The faster mode was originally created as a way for 343's QA team to test Warzone's features and functionality without having to play through a full match to reach level nine or refill their energy.

Warzone Turbo won't be around forever. Players can jump in and play it until April 4.

In other Halo 5 news, the next free DLC maps were revealed. Xbox head Phil Spencer also said it's unlikely Halo 5 will come to PC.

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