Halo 4 MLG Dallas Championship Coverage

Check out the coverage of Halo 4 at MLG Dallas where top players will be competing in a pre-release tournament.


Halo 4

Halo makes its return to the MLG Pro Circuit with it's latest iteration of the game and will be featured in a pre-release tournament before the game is released to the public on November 6th. There will be over 850 of the best players competing in teams of four for $40,000 in prizes. Stay tuned for our coverage of Halo 4. For more information about the Halo 4 tournament and the MLG Dallas go to majorleaguegaming.com.

The tournament will be casted by Halo Pro Kyle "Elamite Warrior" Elam, Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky, Nathan "Unbreakable" Mann, and Frank "U4ixx" Bowen. You can upgrade your stream to a 1080p HD ad-free stream or watch the free stream here.

Player Interviews and Game Highlights

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Champs interview
Warriors Interview
343 Interview
Recap Day 2

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Pro Impressions
Ninja FFA Winner
Str8 vs TD Impressions
GSesports D1 Recap

Halo 4 Tournament Schedule

All times CT, for all other schedules see here.


  • 5:00 pm Event Welcome
  • 5:15 pm Dr Pepper Pregame Show - Halo 4
  • 5:30 pm Free For All - Showcasing new Weapons
  • 6:00 pm Free For All - Round 1
  • 6:25 pm Free For All - Round 1
  • 6:45 pm Free For All - Final
  • 7:00 pm MLG Classic Rematch (2009 Str8 Rippin vs Triggers Down)
  • 8:00 pm MLG Classic Rematch (TBD v TBD)
  • 9:00 pm Fun with the new Gametypes
  • 10:00 pm Saturday Preview - MLG Game variants featuring top two teams


  • 10:00 am Dr Pepper Pregame Show
  • 10:15 pm Winners Bracket RD 1
  • 1:45 pm Winners Bracket RD 2
  • 4:00 pm Winners Bracket RD 3
  • 7:00 pm Winners Bracket RD 4

    Championship Sunday

  • 10:30 am Dr Pepper Pregame Show
  • 10:45 pm Winners Bracket RD 5
  • 12:15 pm Winners Bracket RD 6
  • 1:45 pm Winners Bracket RD 7
  • 3:30 pm Winners Bracket Finals
  • 4:15 pm Loser Bracket Finals
  • 5:00 pm Halo 4 Championship Finals

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