Halo 4 is 99 percent complete

Franchise director Frank O'Connor says 343 Industries very close to finishing development on November's Xbox 360-exclusive shooter.


New Halo series developer 343 Industries is closing in on completing its first original Halo title. Speaking to GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb, Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor said Halo 4 is 99 percent done ahead of its November 6 worldwide debut.

Halo 4 is 99 percent finished with 46 days until launch.
Halo 4 is 99 percent finished with 46 days until launch.

"It's just sort of getting it in shape for certification and then manufacture," O'Connor said. "And then just cleaning out last minute bugs and getting ready for launch."

Halo 4 is the first numbered entry in the series developed outside of Bungie Studios, which officially handed the franchise reigns to 343 Industries on March 31, 2012. It is a direct sequel to 2007's Halo 3, picking up four years after the events of that game.

At least two more core installments--Halo 5 and Halo 6--will follow as part of the new Reclaimer Trilogy. It is rumored that the next Halo game will arrive on a future Microsoft platform, as the company is openly hiring staffers to create next-generation visuals and infrastructure to "drive the future of Halo."

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46 days is more than a 99% percent complete game? I was expecting at least 30 days...

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@emptycow i thought it was obvious enough that i was trolling

its not that i cant get halo, its that i dont want to get halo, long, long ago when the first halo was in development, microsoft had planned it to be released on the pc too. but they cut it and thus lost me as a potential xbox customer.

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That image is looking a bit like Vanquish there... I'm getting tired of Microsoft spiting their own creation. PC gamers who would have bought a 360, have one by now so what does Microsoft lose by just bringing these games to the PC and letting us play them too?! If Microsoft was in the graphics card business we would get every single one of its first-party 360 games on PC as well.

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getting sick of the comments of people saying they don't care for halo and wish it goes away. halo will always sell well and have fans so your negative comments are useless. go talk about a game you like

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Halo is so full of win. Can't wait for Halo 4!

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Woah, idea here. Maybe we could wait until it comes out, before we smash it? Maybe?

I really like the Halo games (Not a big fan of Wars, Or Reach) but I liked the others. I still haven't pre-ordered the game yet however, because I just don't know. Everyone thought that LOTR Conquest was going to be great (Good studio, great history) and it failed hard. So, I'm very cautious about buying this title.

My advice: Keep our fingers Crossed, and an open opinion.

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I hope this studio really bombs it so we can forget this silly franchise and move onto something a little more original. what a waste of expensive resources

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People still care about halo? meh, ive never even owned a microsoft console, lol

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@ExplosiveChorro even master chief is a rip-off of the doom guy..halo is sooo over-rated...it was a mediocre game when the first was released and now they are milking just a mediocre game. I really wish it would die so they could move on with something more original

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@ExplosiveChorro I'm a PC gamer and yep I do care about Halo - that's the reason for my xbox - Halo.

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It comes out ELECTION DAY! i know what i am doing that day... VOTING FIRST, AND PLAYING HALO 4 NEXT! For those who stay in line at midnight, you can get the game at midnight and go camp out at your local voting place next! EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT!

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Standing in line? Huh? Just leave Steam (or whatever store you used) client up over night and it should automatically ... Oh holy Luddites!! Are you people are still buying games in BOXES??

P.S. Of course I'll vote. Then the Electoral College will change my vote to the other guy - just like they've done every election.

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@Zloth2 It is a 360 game. MSFT makes developers, even their own wait 90 days before it is a "Game On Demand"

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I am preordering this game. :)

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You mean they don't copy and paste like CoD games?

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They just said they are 99% done. They didn't say they've started working on the project yet. ;)

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3 more games for a series that was supposed to be over, glad m not a crapbox customer

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Now this is halo not that reach and ODST crap. Please dont make any spinoffs to this one.

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@gaybe24 ........yeah we both know that its going to happen.....

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i cant wait for halo 4

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Damn that 1%. Always oppressing and sheeeee-iit. The 1% is ruining it for the 99%.


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Perhaps that 1 percent is the 10 DLC packs that will be released shortly after the release of the core product amirite?

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@slayer1090 They're having three map pack DLC. I believe there will also be a season pass for it at less than $30, so no, this is not EA or Activision we're talking about.

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@nahtecojp Planned DLC is planned DLC, they're no different than the rest of the devs that give you 90% of the finished product and have you pay more for the rest a bit later

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Halo is quite far from being a "milked" franchise. I'd say it's in the same category as Metal Gear Solid and Zelda. A lot of time is put into each game, and they're all pretty unique. Halo 4 deals with a completely different enemy and the story takes a major turn. It's also made by a different developer. It looks pretty sweet.

I just really hope they do good with the maps. The multiplayer maps in the new games haven't been as good as with Halo 1 and 2. Asymmetry does not equal creativity. The best map in the series in my opinion was Coagulation in Halo 2.

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@okassar halo is nowhere near the quality or originality of metal gear or zelda..halo is a half-life/doom fps rip off

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far from being milked? are you serious? do you know halo 4 will be another trilogy right? 4 5 and 6

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@louie_cloud @okassar He is right, it is not far from being milked, this is continuing the story from Halo 3 up to Halo 4-6 and if you play the Legendary setting in Halo 3, there was a secrite endind that tell us there will be Halo 4 which was expected.

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@okassar I miss Sidewinder

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I watched some game play and multiplayer videos and I was less than impressed. It looks and plays exactly Halo 3 and Reach. Not to mention that they're just milking the story at this point. I'm betting Halo 4 will have the ultimate "been there, done that" feeling attached to it.

Don't get me wrong, I love Halo. I've played the entire franchise and enjoyed it. I thought 3 wrapped up Master Chief's story nicely. I thought Reach, as a prequel, was brilliant. Heck, I even enjoyed ODST. But, it's time to let sleeping dogs lie. They should have quit with Reach, while they were ahead.

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@brh2010 Bungie did quit at Reach, MS and 343 are carrying it on and the fans choose when they want to stop too. In the end people can duck out whenever they want but personally I am still happy to keep playing as long as they are willing to expand on that universe and story which they have by making it about the fore runners.

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Nobody cares for Halo. While Sony is making new Exclusives every day, Microsoft has no choice but release the same 4 Exclusives every year. I will never buy anougher Microsoft console. It's all bout Sony now. PS4 will dominate all.

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@BryanParksSuper nobody cares if you buy Xbox or have halo because they will continue to sell millions without you

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@BryanParksSuper New exclusives every day? What exclusives has PS3 had recently? Killzone 3, the Call of Duty knockoff? SOCOM 4, the Call of Duty knockoff? MAG, the... generic FPS knockoff? Super Rub 'a' Dub... uh... you can keep that 'exclusive.'

And nobody cares for Halo? I think the 9+ million people who purchased Halo: Reach would disagree with you (source: http://www.vgchartz.com/game/35024/halo-reach/).

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@ChemicalReaper @BryanParksSuper

I think he meant games more like the Uncharted series, Heavy Rain, Dead Nation, Infamous 1 and 2, Heavenly Sword, Yakuza, Warhawk, Motorstorm, MGS 4 etc.

But if you want recent or up and coming we have Beyond, The Last Of Us, Sly Cooper, Dust 514, God of War, LBP Kart racing, The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal and others.

If you want to focus on Killzone, Socom, MAG and super rub a dub thats fine to. All of those were awesome games if ye bothered to give them a chance.

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@AwsomeZ101 @ChemicalReaper @BryanParksSuper

I do remember an article about exclusives on all 3 major consoles, but I could have sworn I saw it on IGN. Either way it wasn't so much the "Who has better exclusives" argument I wanted to tackle it was the "PS3 has only had 4 exclusives. 3 of which are fps" I wanted to clear up. The dude was just fitting information to suit his agenda.

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@Phil-teh-Pirate @ChemicalReaper @BryanParksSuper

while, u got a point. i find it funny how the PS3 has more exclusives as is said. when a few months back i stumbled upon a page that stated how many xbox games were exclusive and compared it with ps3 equating with ps3 having exclusive series and xbox at least a dozen more in overall. last updated in april 2012 it said. sorry i didnt get the artical.

i just wanted to throw in my 5 cent

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LOL.... "anougher"...is that a combo of "enough" and "another"? LOL what a wonderfully paradoxical word you've discovered. Well done.

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Borderlands 2, Assassin's Creed 3, Halo 4 and Black Ops 2. ASDFGHJKL All my gamer feels. I'm so going to be set for Winter :)

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The last 1% is usually the longest. Just felt like writing that. It's true though, right?

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lost interest in this series when it became exclusive.

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@nyran125 LOL.

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@nyran125 lol just shows how much kid's like u know.

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@nyran125 Halo's...always...been exclusive o.0

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Halo 1 & 2 were also on the PC; this not exclusive. I enjoyed these games on PC and find it a shame the others were never released on it. I don't own an xbox nor do I intend to get one. I already haven't got enough time for the games on my PC & PS3 :/

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@nyran125 So you never had interest?

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Take your time. Don't rush a buggy patch fest just to sell a few more copies. This is the first title without Bungie so all eyes are on you.

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Fanboys say the wildest things

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The final step before we enter Halo 4 :D

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That last 1% can be important!