Halo 3-themed 360 lands Sept. 16

$399, HDMI-ready, green-and-gold console goes on sale Sunday (Bungie's shooter not included).


Halo 3

During this year's E3 Media & Business Summit, Microsoft revealed that it would once again be producing a limited-edition Halo-themed console in tribute to Bungie's highly acclaimed franchise. As part of its massive marketing push to secure the already-predicted $200 million in initial sales, Microsoft announced today that the Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 would be available as of September 16.

The Halo 3-branded Xbox 360.
The Halo 3-branded Xbox 360.

Colored "Spartan Green" with golden trim, the Halo 3 SE 360 will retail for $399 and be accompanied by a matching wireless controller. Also included in the package will be a 20GB hard drive, a headset, a play-and-charge kit, an exclusive Halo 3 theme and gamer pics, as well as support for HDMI output.

One thing not included in the Halo 3 360 package is the game itself. Aspiring Master Chiefs will still have to wait until September 25 to pick up the final installment in Bungie's space shooter trilogy, which is rated M for Mature. $59.99 on its own, Halo 3 has not one, but two special editions: the $69.99 Collector's Edition and the $129.99 Legendary Edition.

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