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Halo 3: ODST Remastered Out Now on Xbox One

[UPDATE] Free codes are being sent out by Microsoft and the re-release can also be purchased on


[UPDATE] For those that are not eligible for a free Halo 3: ODST remaster code, the game is now available to purchase on for $4.99 (£3.99). Since this is an add-on, you will need to own Halo: The Master Chief Collection to play the game.

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Microsoft has started sending out codes for the remastered version of Halo 3: ODST on Xbox One.

Earlier this week a release date indicating the game would be available on 29 May appeared on However, the official Halo Twitter account said the date was actually "a placeholder."

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It seems the date wasn't far off, as Xbox One owners that played Halo: The Master Chief Collection between its November 11 release date and December 19 are receiving messages on Xbox Live with a code to download the game.

According to an update on Halo Waypoint "all distributed codes will disappear from the in-console message after June 30, 2015, but will still be redeemable." After June 30, users can contact the support forum for further assistance.

The remastered version of Halo 3: ODST was announced as recompense for significant matchmaking issues in Halo: The Master Chief Collection during its launch period. The re-release provides ODST's single-player campaign running at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

Halo steward 343 Industries has confirmed the re-release "does not include the Firefight game mode and contains the campaign only."

For those that do not qualify for a free code, the Halo 3: ODST re-release will "soon be available for purchase from the Xbox Store for $4.99 USD."

343 Industries' Bonnie Ross previously said the developer is giving the game to players for free to thank them for sticking with Halo: The Master Chief Collection during its troubled launch.

"This has been a humbling experience and highlighted how we as a studio can – and need – to do better for Xbox fans around the world," Ross said. "We are so grateful to our fans who have stood by our side and we appreciate all of your patience as we worked through these issues."

An update for The Master Chief Collection is also now available and weighs in at 2.4 GB. It includes the previously announced reimagined version of Halo 2's multiplayer map Relic for all owners of The Master Chief Collection.

"First introduced in "Halo 2" as "Relic," the "Halo 2: Anniversary" multiplayer map "Remnant" is set on a large island on Installation 05 and is renowned for its expansive, asymmetrical level design, making it perfect for intense, sniper combat. Of course, this re-imagined version of the classic map sports its share of innovations."

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