Halo 2 Vista delayed again

[UPDATE] Bungie PC shooter release date pushed back to May 31; copies hit store shelves regardless.


While diehard Halo fans are likely neck-deep in the Xbox 360 Halo 3 beta, some of them might have emerged from their man-cannon-grav-lift-and-bubble-shield-induced stupor long enough to notice that the Windows Vista edition of Halo 2 has yet to show up in stores.

Halo 2 was originally set for release on the PC May 8, but Microsoft pushed it back a couple of weeks "to make some improvements to the install experience and address other technical issues." It had been expected to ship to stores Tuesday, but when it didn't show, Microsoft came out with news of another delay, but with no explanation for it.

"Halo 2 for Windows Vista did not release to retailers on May 22, as previously announced, and will now ship from manufacturers on May 31," a Microsoft representative said. "Shadowrun will be the first game to debut the highly anticipated Games for Windows Live system on May 29. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers."

[UPDATE] While Halo 2 Vista was officially delayed, that hasn't stopped some stores from selling it. GameSpot has purchased a copy from a Circuit City location, and the retail chain's Web site lists it as currently shipping and available for in-store pickup. As of press time, Microsoft representatives had not returned a request for comment.

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