Halo 2 headset price cut for charity

Plantronics' duo of over-ear communication devices receives price slashing; a portion of each sale goes to Hurricane Katrina relief fund.


Plantronics is inviting Halo 2 players to adopt its version of the Xbox Live headset with a couple of incentives: a cheaper price and the chance to give to charity. The communications-device manufacturer has announced it has cut the prices of its Halo 2-branded Xbox headsets on its Web store and it will donate a small portion of the sales to a United Way charity.

The GameCom Halo 2 edition, which normally runs for about $50, now costs $14.95. The Halo 2C version (ordinarily $60) also includes a communicator memory-card adapter and costs $19.95. According to Plantronics, the headsets work on both the original Xbox and Xbox 360, but their volume and mute controls do not work with the 360.

For each headset sold, Plantronics will give $1 to the United Way's fund for victims of last year's Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast region of the United States.

Halo 2 has been used in the past to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims. Shortly after the natural disaster, the franchise's developer, Bungie Studios, sold Katrina-themed Halo 2 T-shirts. The shirts featured the text "Fight the Flood!" and a drawing of Master Chief kicking a Flood, which is an enemy in Halo. The company said it donated to the Red Cross the revenue from its Web store during September 2005 and all the money generated by the "Fight the Flood!" shirts, which sold for $19.95 each.

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