Halo 2 HD not happening - Report

Developer 343 Industries reportedly shoots down speculation that studio is updating 2004 first-person shooter, saying "We are kind of busy."


Gamers excited about the possibility of Microsoft and its new Halo house 343 Industries developing a high-definition version of Halo 2 may want to temper their enthusiasm. The Halo Council posted the results of a Microsoft ExpertZone Q&A session with 343 Industries, which dispels a rumor from earlier this week suggesting the company would follow up November's Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary with an HD remake of the 2004 shooter.

Halo 2 is not getting an HD overhaul just yet, it appears.
Halo 2 is not getting an HD overhaul just yet, it appears.

"We are not working on that at this time. We are kind of busy," the developer supposedly wrote.

343 Industries is currently nearing completion on Halo 4, which is due out November 6. A direct sequel to 2007's Bungie Studios-developed Halo 3, the game puts players back into the boots of Master Chief, adds a new Spartan Ops mode and an updated Forge toolset, and sees the return of the franchise's iconic battle rifle.

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