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Halloween TV Show Is On A "Fast Track" To Development, Miramax Boss Says

"We're hoping to lock down the creative team very soon."


You can't keep a horror franchise down for long, and when it comes to Halloween, Mirimax Television says plans are moving forward to create a TV series set in the world of Michael Myers now that it owns the TV rights to the infamous slasher. Miramax has ambitious plans to resurrect Halloweeen as a cinematic universe for both film and television, and this latest stab at the IP will be a "creative reset" building on the foundation of the first film.

"We're on a fast track, it's a big priority for us. We've had lots of exciting conversations in recent months with a number of really talented people, and I think we'll have a pretty good idea of what we're going to be doing very soon," Miramax head of worldwide television Marc Helwig said to Deadline. "We're hoping to lock down the creative team very soon."

This new take on Halloween will once again reboot Michael Myers and his world, as Helwig added that the recent Halloween movie trilogy co-produced with Blumhouse provided a fitting conclusion to Myers within that particular story. Halloween reboots and retcons have happened several times over the decades, and like those projects, Helwig mentioned how pivotal the first film directed by John Carpenter is to establishing the lore and foundation for new projects.

"The foundation of it is the original film, the John Carpenter movie, the characters of that film, and perhaps a group of characters that we haven’t really focused on that much in recent film versions or even in a number of them," Helwig said. "It's a creative reset completely and going back to the original film, as opposed to spinning out of any of the more recent film adaptations."

Blumhouse's Halloween trilogy did fairly well at the box office, but in the horror genre, last year's release of Five Nights at Freddy's set a new benchmark for a the film studio. Based on the cult-classic video games, Five Nights at Freddy's scared up $130.5 million worldwide on its opening weekend, the best global debut yet for Blumhouse.

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