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Halloween TV Series Will Kick Off A New Cinematic Universe

The iconic horror franchise is set to hit the small screens in a newly announced partnership.


Miramax has acquired the television rights to the Halloween franchise, managed by Trancas International Films and overseen by Malek Akkad. The deal, reported by Deadline, paves the way for a Halloween TV series and opens doors for potential future stories across both film and television.

"Miramax couldn't be more excited to bring Halloween to television," said Miramax's Head of Global TV, Marc Helwig, who will collaborate with Akkad to creatively steer the franchise. This marks a significant milestone in the enduring partnership between Miramax and Trancas, as the latter recently produced a successful Halloween trilogy for Miramax and Blumhouse.

Trancas International Films expressed enthusiasm about extending their long-standing relationship with Miramax. "We look forward to working with Marc Helwig and the entire team in creating this new chapter," Akkad said.

Unnamed industry insiders also revealed to Deadline that, reportedly, Miramax faced fierce competition from other horror-accomplished companies like A24 and Blumhouse for Halloween TV rights.

The Halloween film franchise spans 13 titles, with the original 1978 movie directed by John Carpenter and focusing on the infamously menacing Michael Myers. A direct sequel to the 2018 hit film reinvigorated the series, followed by the releases of Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends in 2021 and 2022, concluding Jamie Lee Curtis's 44-year tenure in the series.

Carpenter has a new six-part unscripted horror series set to debut on Peacock starting October 13. It is about the scariest place imaginable: the suburbs. John Carpenter's Suburban Screams is inspired by real-life tales from actual survivors and horrible stuff that happened near the local mall and Red Lobster.

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