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Halle Berry Says Bond Star Pierce Brosnan Saved Her Life While Making Die Another Day

Berry shares a behind-the-scenes story of an intimate scene from the James Bond movie where she choked on a piece of fruit.


Actress Halle Berry has shared a scary behind-the-scenes story from the James Bond movie Die Another Day wherein she could have died were it not for the efforts of 007 actor Pierce Brosnan.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Berry said she was filming a scene with Brosnan where she was trying to seduce him with a piece of fruit when she began to choke. Berry is likely referring to this scene where Berry's character, Jinx, cuts a fig with a knife while in bed with 007.

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"I am supposed to be all sexy and trying to seduce him with a fig--and then I end up choking on it," she said. "And he had to get up and do the Heimlich [maneuver]."

The experience was "so not sexy," the actress recalled.

Berry said she is thankful to Brosnan, who might have saved her life. "He was there for me; he will always be one of my favorite people in the world," she said.

The next James Bond movie is No Time To Die, featuring Daniel Craig as 007 for the last time. The movie was scheduled to premiere in April before being delayed to November due to COVID-19. Recently, director Cary Fukunaga revealed that he pitched a very out-there idea for the movie.

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