Half-Life Rules at GDC

SAN JOSE, CA - CGDA Spotlight Awards are handed out to the industry's top games. Westwood's Lou Castle takes Lifetime Achievement Award.


SAN JOSE, CA - While the show floor of the Game Developers Conference was devoted mostly to hardware and tools, software took center stage at the CGDA Spotlight Awards. While no one game dominated last year's award, this year, the hands-down winner was Valve Software's Half-Life.

Half-Life was nominated in six categories and won five, losing only to StarCraft in the multiplayer game of the year category. In total, Half-Life won for best PC game, best action game, best use of graphics, best use of audio, and best AI. In addition to those five awards, Half-Life also won the people's choice award and the best of show award.

Aside from stealing the multiplayer award from Half-Life, Blizzard also walked away with the strategy game award for StarCraft. Miyamoto's Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time also won two awards: most innovative game design and best console game.

The highlight of the awards ceremony was the second annual Lifetime Achievement awards (last year's award went to the late Dani Bunton), which was handed over to an emotional Louis Castle, co-founder of Westwood.

After emcee Johnny Wilson, editorial director of Computer Gaming World, gave a glowing introduction, a video showed various clips of Castle over the past decade and a half, as well as many of the games he worked on, including Dragon Strike, The Lion King, Lands of Lore II, and Blade Runner. Then Castle appeared on stage, visibly moved, and accepted the award with thanks.

After that award, the ceremony ended.

Best Use of GraphicsHalf-Life

Most Innovative Game DesignLegend of Zelda

Best Use of AudioHalf-Life

Best AIHalf-Life

Best Children's TitleLego Creator

Best Trivia, Puzzle or Classic GameYou Don't Know Jack 4: The Ride

Best SimulationGran Turismo

Best Strategy/WargameStarCraft

Best Adventure/RPGBaldur's Gate

Best Sports TitleNFL Blitz

Best Action GameHalf-Life

Best Multiplayer GameStarCraft

Best PC GameHalf-Life

Best Console GameLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

People's Choice AwardHalf-Life

Best of ShowHalf-Life

Lifetime Achievement AwardLouis Castle

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