Half-Life PS2 goes gold

The PlayStation 2 version of Half-Life is complete and ready for manufacturing.


Sierra has informed GameSpot that Half-Life for the Sony PlayStation 2 has finally gone gold. The game was near completion several months back, but the development process was extended for further visual optimization. The game is now complete and will begin manufacturing ahead of its November 14 ship date. Aside from visual enhancements such as increased texture detail, higher poly character models, and enhanced lighting and particle effects, the PS2 version of Half-Life will also include an extra mission titled Decay. This multiplayer mode is played in a split-screen perspective where two human players, or one human and one AI partner, must progress through a spin-off mission based in and around the time of the original game.

Half-Life for the PlayStation 2 could be available at retailers as early as November 15.

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