Half-Life mod expo moves to Texas

The fourth annual convention dedicated to Half-Life mods will take place next month in Dallas.


Gunman Chronicles

Valve Software has announced the Fourth Annual Half-Life Mod Expo, the next yearly convention dedicated to mods built on the Half-Life game engine. The expo will take place on Monday, July 22, in Dallas as part of the Cyberathlete Professional League's Pentium 4 Summer Championship 2002 event. The event was held in previous years at different locations in San Francisco.

Those interested in showing their mod at this year's expo can send information about their project to modexpo@valvesoftware.com. Only mods in a working state will be selected for the expo. The mods selected for the expo will be announced early next month.

The Half-Life Mod Expo started in 1999 as part of Valve's support for the mod community that formed around its award-winning first-person shooter Half-Life. The first event showcased Gunman and Counter-Strike, both of which were later released as full retail products. Other mods shown at the expo over the years, including Firearms and Wanted!, have been included in Half-Life collection packs.

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