Half-Life: Blue Shift announced

Sierra Studios reveals its upcoming stand-alone mission pack from the creators of Half-Life: Opposing Force. New screenshots inside.


Sierra Studios has announced Half-Life: Blue Shift, its upcoming add-on to the popular first-person shooter Half-Life. The expansion, which was originally planned to be an exclusive mission for the Sega Dreamcast version of Half-Life, is currently in development at Gearbox Software, the studio that created Half-Life: Opposing Force. In Blue Shift, players will revisit the original game's story from the perspective of Gordon Freeman's ally, the security guard at Black Mesa. The expansion includes the Half-Life HD pack, which upgrades the original Half-Life weapons and characters with high-definition models. In addition, the North American version of Blue Shift will include Half-Life: Opposing Force, which lets players assume the role of a military specialist on a mission to kill Gordon Freeman.

The stand-alone expansion also features multiplayer support for up to 32 players. For more information, take a look at our Half-Life archive and visit the official Blue Shift Web site. Half-Life: Blue Shift is scheduled for release in June.

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