Half-Life: Alyx Trailer Marks Our First Look At Half-Life In Over A Decade

Alyx's starring role coming in March 2020.


The wait for Half-Life 3 has been so long it's become shorthand in the gaming community for interminable delays. With Valve producing few games in recent years, some had given up all hope on ever seeing more from the Half-Life series. But this week brought the surprise announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, a dedicated VR game starring series favorite Alyx Vance. It isn't quite the third installment fans have been waiting for, but the first trailer shows that it's unmistakably Half-Life.

The trailer walks us through the Half-Life trappings, from towering Striders to enemy soldiers and headcrabs to a brief glimpse of the G-Man. We also get glimpses of the VR at work, with hand-tracking letting you make repairs, fire weapons, and scrounge for ammo. You can see it in action for yourself in the trailer below.

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Half-Life Alyx is coming in March 2020, and will work with any SteamVR compatible headset. It will cost $60, but Steam is offering a 10% discount for pre-orders, and those who purchase a Valve Index will get the game for free. If you buy an Index by the end of the year, you'll also receive some bonus content.

Alyx a "full-length" single-player game estimated to take around 15 hours to finish, and the Steam page notes it has a level editor, which should allow for replayability beyond whatever the campaign may off.

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