Half-Life 3 mention on Gamescom document a 'mistake'

[UPDATE] Event organizers say Half-Life 3 and Dragon Age III were mistakenly listed on official document.


[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, Gamescom organizers told Eurogamer that listings for Half-Life 3 and Dragon Age III were not intended to be included in the document. No explanation was provided as to why these games were mentioned. Original story follows below.

An official Gamescom document includes mention of Half-Life 3, stirring commotion that Valve's long-awaited action game may be on the horizon. Gamers may want to temper their excitement, though, as Valve's vice president of marketing, Doug Lombardi, told LambdaGeneration, "We will have the Steam team [at Gamescom] to meet with developers and publishers. No game showing planned."

Gordon Freeman's return continues to elude gamers.
Gordon Freeman's return continues to elude gamers.

It is not clear why Half-Life 3 is included on the Gamescom product list, and as of press time, Valve had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

The most recent Half-Life game was 2007's Half-Life 2: Episode Two. That game advances the story of previous entries Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One. A third episode was planned but has not seen the light of day.

In addition to Half-Life 3, the list includes mention of Dragon Age III. This game has not been announced, but BioWare has been openly hiring for the new role-playing game since May 2011. Dragon Age: Origins has shipped more than 3.2 million units globally since debuting in 2009, and its sequel--Dragon Age II--has shipped more than 2 million units since premiering in March 2011.

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