Half-Life 2 voice cast revealed

Robert Guillaume, Lou Gossett, Jr., Robert Culp, and <i>Star Trek</i>'s Michelle Forbes will lend their talents to the PC shooter.


As a sign that Half-Life 2 is trundling closer to completion, Valve head Gabe Newell revealed the voice cast for the legendarily delayed shooter. Though the game's hero, Gordon Freeman, will again be the strong and completely silent type, the supporting roles will be read by a solid lineup of talent.

Robert "Benson" Guillaume will play Dr. Eli Vance, a benevolent scientist and fellow survivor of the first Half-Life's infamous Black Mesa incident. Vance's assistant, Dr. Judith Mossman, will be portrayed by Michelle Forbes, most famous for her role as Ensign Ro on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Vance's daughter, Alyx, will be voiced by unknown actress Merle Dandridge. British actor Jim French will play Father Grigori, a booby-trap-happy priest who helps Gordon through the streets of City 17.

Dr. Wallace Breen, mysterious and evil leader of the humans collaborating with City 17's alien invaders, will be played by Robert Culp of I Spy fame. The alien slaves known as Vortigaunt will all be voiced by Oscar-winner Lou Gossett, Jr., who previously played a throaty alien in the 1985 sci-fi thriller Enemy Mine.

Two members of the original Half-Life voice cast will also be back. Mike Shapiro will voice both the sinister G-Man and the dependable ex-security guard Barney Calhoun, Freeman's sidekick. Harry S. Robins will also return as the bumbling Dr. Isaac Kleiner. A complete cast list is below.

Robert Guillaume - Dr. Eli Vance
Robert Culp - Dr. Wallace Breen
Lou Gossett, Jr. - Vortigaunt
Michelle Forbes - Dr. Judith Mossman
Merle Dandridge - Alyx Vance
Mike Shapiro - Barney Calhoun
Mike Shapiro - G-Man
Harry S. Robins - Dr. Isaac Kleiner
Jim French - Father Grigori
John Patrick Lowrie - Citizens/Misc. characters
Mary Kae Irvin - Citizens/Misc. characters
Ellen McLane - Overwatch voice

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