Half-Life 2 antialiasing compatibility issues

Valve's Gabe Newells speaks out about why Half-Life 2 will display visual anomalies with certain antialiasing settings enabled.


A series of recent message board posts revealed that it may not be possible to use certain common graphics card settings with Half-Life 2. In a message board post, Valve's Gabe Newell confirmed that the multisample antialiasing settings that recent Nvidia and ATI graphics cards use to smooth polygon edges cause odd texture artifacts along polygon boundaries.

Newell suggested that it would be easier for Valve to solve the problem for those with ATI graphics cards, but he said that a different approach could work for Nvidia DirectX 9 cards. The artifacts are said to appear only with multisampling settings, so older DirectX 8 cards that included the less-efficient but better-looking supersampling options won't be affected.

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